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Moving House Tips

Four weeks to go...

  • Ring round for quotes from removal firms and appoint one. Make sure they are properly insured and establish exactly what they are prepared to do
  • Start collecting packing boxes
  • Ensure you have lots of newspaper to protect your valuables
  • Try to use smaller cardboard boxes as they are easier to manoeuvre
  • Clean out all cupboards and dispose of anything you no longer require
  • Pack away any non essential items such as seasonal clothes and any ornaments
  • Pack any items from the attic, garage and garden shed
  • Inform your employer of your move and arrange time off
  • et all the relevant people know that you are changing address
  • Arrange with the Post Office to have all your post redirected
  • Do not forget to arrange your house insurance for the new property . Your buildings insurance should already be in place on the day you move in

Two weeks to go...

  • Start running down food stocks from freezer and cupboards
  • Continue to pack items not required before the move
  • Arrange for children and pets to be taken care of during the move
  • Contact the gas, electric, telephone and water companies to inform them of the move

One week to go...

  • Double check the booking you have made with your removal firm
  • Keep your vacuum cleaner, duster, polish etc., unpacked for the final clean
  • Cancel newspapers, milk and window cleaner and settle any outstanding bills.